Friday, January 17, 2014

Are your ready to accept the challenge?

Today I pushed myself and decided to try out chair yoga. I thought with my current physical limitations, this would be a good fit for me. I arrived at the studio, explained my physical limitations to the instructor, and spoke of how excited I was to try some gentle yoga. The first thing out of her mouth was, "well we don't really use the chair that much, except for support...can you get down on the mat?" Instantly, I felt the anxiety monster rising up. I started thinking "I can't even do this stupid gentle I can't get on the stupid floor" but I just said, "all I can do is try my best." Then she said and "we will just modify what you can't do." So we began, there were lots of movements I couldn't do, but with the modifications I was able to participate the entire hour. Instead of getting in the mat, I did modified movements in the chair.  At the end she gave us a quote to meditate on (paraphrased): 

No one said life would be free of difficulty, but I am free to accept the challenge of this life. The challenge to change or adjust with difficulty or the challenge to remain and accept the way things are at the present moment.

It seems like I'm having a great deal of difficulties right now, my difficulties are health related, but maybe yours are something else. Whatever they are we are all free to accept the challenge. I don't think there is a right or wrong way to accept the "challenge" just that you accept it. 

I ended last year so excited about what the future would hold. What new lessons awaited? It has started off a little bumpy. It seems like this year is definitely going to be about acceptance and trust. Trusting God  despite what it looks like. Accepting his will for my life. Trusting that if he plants a seed in me, that he has a way for it to grow. Accepting that it's okay for me to make and accept modifications to achieve goals. Accepting and asking for help when I need it. Most importantly, accepting the challenge and not giving up. 

Today was a huge victory for me...I overcame emotional and physical obstacles and accomplished a goal...chair yoga.

If like me, life is seeming overwhelming right now, my prayer is that you will find a way to break it up in bite size pieces, set small goals, and celebrate every victory and accomplishment (no matter how small it may seem). Most importantly, my prayer for you and me is that we know and believe in the power of God, that we trust him, and know that nothing is too hard for our Lord.

"Behold, I am The Lord, the God of all living flesh. Is there anything too hard for me?" Jeremiah 32:27 (Amplified)